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Can Bluetooth speakers work with a PC?

Yeah, as long as your PC allows Bluetooth, you can use your Bluetooth speakers on your PC. But, since existing Bluetooth speakers usually have a large sound delay, I'm not recommending that you do so, you won't feel comfortable if you watch a movie or play games.

Let's take turns on how to do it. To attach your Bluetooth speaker to a PC (WIN 10), below are the steps:

  • Firstly, from the control panel of your PC, toggle on Bluetooth. From the Start menu, you can find it in Windows Settings.
  • Turn on and set your Bluetooth speaker to pairing mode. The method of turning on pairing mode varies among various devices, you will need to reference your speaker instruction guides, you can find the instruction from the help page if you can not find the manual.
  • Then your PC should be able to identify your speaker's Bluetooth signal. Go to the PC's action center, pick the name of your speaker, and link to it. It should be okay then and you're happy to play.