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Connect Computer to WiFi Without Cable Steps by Steps Tutorial

Do you need to connect your computer to the WiFi? It’s simple because, in this article, I will show you the easiest steps on how to connect your computer to WiFi wireless networks.

One of my clients asked for help with modifying their computer and network setup at home.

She said their computer was placed in their living room and wanted to be moved to the bedroom. Aside from not having a long-enough LAN cable, it will take a long time for it to lay on the ceiling.


How to connect your computer to a WiFi network?

If your laptop or desktop computer does not have a built-in PCI WiFi adapter, you can purchase a portable Wireless USB adapter at computer parts supplies near you.

Its price varies, from $3.00 to $40.00, depending on the brand, and the quality of the product.

Based on my experience with wireless networks, I have only proven two brands that will not give a headache. Well, plug-and-play.

Its cheapest price is $6.00, which is not that fast and, and I only recommend it for personal use. It can be purchased at this shop.

If the purpose is to use for business, (or enterprise) I recommend to the client the other brand which costs $17.00 each because you have no problem with its speed. What I like most is that it does not, or rarely does heat up, and really lasts longer than any other brand in the market.

If you already have it, just follow the steps below to connect your computer to the WiFi network.


1. Plug the USB WLan Donggel into the USB port

Plug the wireless adapter into any working USB port of your computer. It is best if plugged in at the back of your system unit to keep the ports organized and avoid frequent crashes.

2. Click the signal bar

Once your unit has read the USB portable WLAN device, the wifi signal bar will appear at the bottom right of the screen.

Click the signal bar to show the network panel.

3. Connect to available WiFi

  • Select the name of your WiFi and click connect.
  • Enter its password and click submit.
  • Wait for your computer to connect to the Wireless network. If this is the first time you have connected your computer to WiFI, you will usually have to wait just 5 seconds, which can take up to a minute, depending on your hardware speed, number of connected user to the WiFi and signal strength.

Once your computer is connected, its signal strength can be seen in the right, button part of your screen.

Congrats because your computer is already connected to the local wireless network. You can now use it to share files, or surf the internet if the network to which you are connected has internet access.


How far can WiFi reach?

If we talk about how far a wireless network signal can reach, it depends on many factors.

If the quality of the WiFi hardware you use is high-end or good, such as with an external antenna, it will go further.

The signal strength and how far can it reach depends on the bandwidth of the WiFi hardware. If the frequency you use is 2.4 GHz, its signal can reach up to 150 feet (feet) especially if the setup is outdoor. But low frequencies do not carry that much data so it is slower compared to high-frequency.

WiFi signals using a frequency of 5 GHz will not reach far but it can carry more data so it is the best choice to use it if you want a faster connection.

Signal strengths also affected by the physical location of the WiFi transmitter (or router) and its receivers, such as computers, and mobile devices.


I used the Windows 8.1 Operating System for this tutorial. The displays are just the same as Windows 10, but a little bit different if you are using Windows 7 O.S.

If you are having difficulty setting it up, you can leave a comment below, just create an account here.