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How is society responsible for ED in men?

A man's life has always been a roller-coaster ride. Most of the men around the globe will agree with this statement. Those who agree are the ones who have lived and grown up in such an environment that they never had a life which is drawn on the graph could never be a straight line rather you can observe regular ups and downs which is compared with a roller-coaster. Hence, men need to go through a lot before reaching some point in their life.

Some men start living their life under different kinds of pressure from an early age. This pressure is mostly induced by the events which take place in their surroundings and while growing up some can never come out of those pressures and it causes them some severe illness and has bad effects on their health. While some men overcome the pressure built on them by family or work, they fall for mental discomfort caused by society.

In a study, it was observed that millions of men all around the globe were found to become prey to society and its principles. These principles of society are not written down anywhere but it is a common belief or thinking which says that men are somewhat superiors to the opposite gender and cannot act and show emotions like them.


Thus, the above-mentioned sentences simply mean that the society has set up their own belief of "manning up" which on the other hand means that you being a man cannot show emotions, you have to take up all the responsibilities of the family, you need to study hard and always capture the first place, you also need to have an income more than other people, etc. All these are the principles of the society that creates a lot of pressure in man's, a boy's mind causes them mental discomfort or displeasure. This theory of manning up also includes that men cannot even cry just because they are men. From an early age, each and every man is taught that men do not cry, and this kind of mindset is forcefully induced into their minds.

As a result, men do not talk about their mental displeasure. Men start having a feeling that if they share things with other people, they will look down on him and make fun of his weakness this insecurity always causes stress and depression among men. This stress and depression are mainly caused due to men being unable to speak what is there in their minds, about their fears, and also about their weaknesses, which again calls about many other illnesses like some stress-induced disorders, suicidal thoughts, and attempts while in depression, asthma, heart strokes, increased blood pressure and heart rate.

Some men even develop sexual disorders which hamper their relationships. Though men, after following Vidalista 20 reviews and Cenforce 100 reviews are intended to Buy Fildena which are also trusted by doctors and other professionals, yet efforts must be there that you would never like to fall for such kinds of disorders.


If we sum up the above-mentioned sentences, we can conclude that society is directly responsible for mental discomfort and indirectly for physical illness. Physical illness is related to mental health. If a man is mentally stable, he has fewer chances to get physically ill whereas a man who is not mentally stable or disturbed is at a higher risk to get mental illness and calling physically irregularities with it.

As we have stated, mental discomfort which is caused by society has a very bad effect on a man's life. Here are some disorders which are caused by stress and depression induced by society:

  1. Bad Habits: This includes activities like smoking, drinking, and drug consumption. These habits develop due to societal pressure. Men indulge themselves in such activities just to get over certain things which cause them a displeasure. They ignore the fact completely that these activities can cause them several other irregularities which are life-threatening or a lifetime disorder. These irregularities and disorders include asthma, lung cancer, mouth cancer, brain stroke, heart stroke paralysis if the brain gets affected too much due to excessive alcohol and drug consumption and sometimes even death and of course Sexual Disorders according to Vidalista 20 reviews.
  2. Stress and depression: As we mentioned that men do not speak up easily and as a result, they fell into some kind of trauma which is again responsible for stress. Family problems like separation, school pressure of good grades, office work pressure of good presentation, and high income. These restrict a man's happiness and make him so busy in life that he does not have time to spare even for himself. Thus, these reasons are the most vital ones for stress and depression. Not being able to share things with people kills you from the inside and you start isolating yourself socially and eventually end up taking up your own life. These are the impact of stress and depression on a man's life. This again is the cause of ED as referred by Cenforce 100 reviews.

3> other disorders: mainly the disorders are a reaction to stress and depression and anxiety as well which are basically related to mental health which also affects physical health. Having prolonged stress and anxiety may cause you psychotic symptoms, breathing problems, obsessive-compulsive stress disorder. While a person is not mentally stable his daily lifestyle is greatly affected. His sleep cycle changes with his food habits. Sleepless nights cause insomnia and changes in food habits and timings cause weakness and other problems.


The only thing a man needs to avoid in these situations is the principles set by society. In this modern world, there is no one superior and we all believe in equality; hence we can say that each person has the right to express their emotions and talk about their weakness to overcome them.

Men are especially advised to speak up about their problem to release some mental stress reducing the chances of getting any other disorders. Parents of young boys are advised that they should teach their children to talk about every matter and feel free to discuss anything which creates a sense of mental displeasure. Another important thing here is to regularly have intercourse with your partner. This releases the pressure a lot and you can even Buy Fildena to exercise the best practice of the same.