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How to Stop Spam Comments & Registration in WordPress Site?

Summary: In this tutorial, I will show how to stop spam comments and prevent fake registration on your WordPress site.


Getting comments or audience engagement is a big challenge especially for new bloggers, however, getting spam comments and registration for your WordPress sites is the biggest problem.

This is just one of my challenges in maintaining my community-contributed site to become spam-free as I received hundreds of spam posts and nearly thousands of spam comments every day. Most of them are written in Chinese and Russian languages and from varied IP’s around the world.

They are promoting sites such as illegal gambling, online stores selling varied types of medical drugs, illegal drugs, chemicals, even women and children. Besides that they consume your server’s resources, speeding down your site and annoying visitors by posting or commenting on inappropriate photos, videos, and texts, I cannot ignore them because of fear that a government authority might see this and think that I promote it too.


How to stop spam comments and registration on the WordPress site?

Luckily, there are two ways to stop spam comments and registration on your WordPress site.


Install WordPress anti-spam plugin

If you are using a WordPress site, you need to find and install the right anti-spam plugin. Honestly, my experiment took me a month or two to find out what is the best plugin to end this spammers’ activity, but I ended up wasting time.

These plugins save time and effort by offering free trials, but it doesn’t last long. The moment your free trial ends, they started to ask for an upgrade, leaving my website to vulnerabilities. And it cost you more than twice your domain and hosting plan in a year, which is not a good option especially if you are new to blogging.

Another thing I don't like is that if the free trial ends, you would probably uninstall the plugin. Yes, the plugin was removed from your WordPress dashboard but it doesn't mean it is deleted from your server.

Not all of the data, files, and folders were removed so it leaves junk files in your database and disk.

Would you mind to try any?

Pros of using WordPress Plugin

  1. Time-saving – You only need to spend about an hour setting up your plugin, and it will work continuously for as long as your free-trial or purchased plan active.
  2. Plug and Play – It will work in the background without manual intervention.
  3. There are free versions good for personal sites

Cons of using WordPress Plugin

  1. Running plugins in the background may consume some of your servers’ resources, in my experience, high CPU and RAM usage took my concern since I am running my WordPress site on the Shared Hosting plan.
  2. Internet Protocol (IP), Uniform Resource Locator (URL), and words in the comments blacklist are being uploaded on plugins’ database so privacy and security issues may be raised.
  3. The Premium version of the plugins will cost you from the cheapest price of $5.00 up to $50.00 (or more) per month which is very expensive than your hosting plan.
  4. You cannot use the free version if you are using ads like Google Adsense to monetize your website.


Manually approve comments and registration

This seems very basic and works in the best of us but honestly, this is the worst option a webmaster may choose. If you choose to manually approve comments and registration, on this website, for example, it will consume hours of your day.

I mean, would you like to read and verify thousands of comments and hundreds of registration, and remove them one by one, every day?

Spend your day making traffic instead of wasting your time on manually removing content from your website.


So what is the best way to stop spam commenting on WordPress sites?

After my month’s long experiment, I found out the best way to stop spam commenting on my user-generated site. Just follow the following steps.

  1. Login to your WordPress admin. Click Settings>Discussion
  2. Download the provided .rar file below, and extract it on your computer.
  3. Copy the content of the .txt file (inside .rar file) and paste it to Comment Blacklist.
  4. Click “Save Changes“

After you saved the changes, you can now run test your site by typing any of the known spam words in the comment box.

Through this method, you are setting your WordPress site to block the comments which contain any of the selected links, however, it may not prevent spammers from hitting your website, and wasting your server’s resources. 


How to stop Spam Registration to a WordPress site?

If you solved your problem from spam commenting by following the instruction above, your website is not yet fully secure. Spammers are still trying hard to break the rule of your WordPress site and this will consume your web servers’ resources, and your website’s performance will suffer.

To stop spam registration to your WordPress site, just go to your CPanel and find IP Blocker (I can’t point where the exact direction since CPanel settings varied depends on your hosting company).

If you are using WordPress hosting and have no access to the servers’ IP blocker, you can install registration and security plugins such as All In One WP Security & Firewall.

If you found the IP blocker feature of your CPanel or WordPress site, copy the list of IP Addresses from the downloaded .txt file.

The IP Address I mentioned below is my list of addresses that constantly attacking my website, and probably, most of the WordPress sites around the world. Through this method, you can resolve the major problem of the spamming attack on your website right from registration, posting, and commenting. 


Download Free Copy

The following are the features of the free version copy;

  • Complete list of known spam comments, URLs, and IP Addresses.
  • Allow real visitors and VPN users by updating the latest list of spam IP addresses every week.
  • The best way to stop spam comments and registration on your WordPress site.

Recently, I provided the list of spam comments for free, but some bloggers copied and paste it on their websites. I can control the spammers on my website but not the thief fellow bloggers. So I decided to delete the full list but still provide it for you for free. I will no longer update this page but keep on updating the downloadable .txt version every week.

Click download and extract to your computer using this password: 69457. Version 0.001, last updated on October 1, 2020.


Download Premium Copy

The following are the extra features if you purchase a premium copy.

  • Complete list of secret spam comments, URLs, words, paragraphs, sentences, IP addresses, email addresses, and usernames.
  • Updated weekly.
  • Allow real visitors and VPN users by updating the latest list of spam IP addresses.
  • Get the list of non-genuine and repetitive comments by a spammer.
  • No need to install a plugin and no background process which will save your server resources.
  • Get the list of spam usernames to prevent spammers from registering to your site.
  • Secure your site from the illegal activities of spammers and criminals online.
  • The cheapest way to stop spam comments and registration on your WordPress site.

Click download and extract to your computer using this password: 64975. Version 0.001, last updated on October 1, 2020.



By implementing this strategy, I noticed that the user-generated spam comments on my WordPress site are reduced by about 99%.

Is your website doing well too? How are you dealing with spammers?

What other techniques are you implementing to prevent and stop spamming? Let us hear in the comment box.

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