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In which hand should girls wear a watch?

It is vital to your well-being. If you're a right-handed man, you should wear your smartwatches or fitness trackers on your left side (or vice versa) so that the job you do on your most used side (like blogging, sleeping, etc.) doesn't mess with it.

If you're more concerned about your appearance, but the watch on your right wrist (according to me). Since most people wear their watches on their left wrists (because most people around us are right-handed), deviating from the pattern is trendy and cool.

But, as I mentioned in the first paragraph, it all depends on your tastes (as watches are only for seeing time). Go for it if you're comfortable (or regular) wearing the watch on your left hand, or if you're comfortable wearing it on your right hand.

Our culture demands that watches be worn on the left side. It is not like that; it is to be worn where you are most comfortable because it is accessorized clothes, and if you are not comfortable, you do not wear it. What I assume about this idea is that if you are a right-handed man, wearing a watch in your left hand would be more convenient for you, and vice versa. Since he is left-handed, English rap star EMINEM holds his watch in his right hand.

Girls always wear a watch in her right hand, but I saw many of them wear in left hand, as the same as boys are also wearing in right hand sometime, I recently bought my first watch through Bradford Exchange discount codes, and I didn't wear any watch before, and I like to wear in right hand.