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What are the ways to earn money online in the Philippines?

Hi guys do you have any idea on how to earn money online in the Philippines during this hard time pandemic? Please suggest, badly needed.

Im not interested in MLM and spamming, I want the real one. Thank you.

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Josh Salcedo

Hi @angelinachavez, kung gusto mo ng legit paying site, try mong sukuban ang

What are the ways to earn money online in the Philippines?

Pwede kang mag type ng Captcha kahit na Cellphone lang ang gamit mo. Walang registration fee.

Sundan lang ang instruction kung paano kumita sa pamamagitan ng captcha typing.

Hi, Angelina. I have the same question now concerning getting some extra money. I have two little children and stay on maternity leave. I have two students I work with as a language tutor, by now this is the only way for me to receive additional money for life except the money my husband brings. To tell the truth, sometimes, we apply online to get a small loan to close some financial gaps if necessary, and the most reliable lending service in the Philippines, to my mind, is the following Their terms are ok and the most important for me that they give money really very fast, usually the same day I apply. I understand that it is not the way out but, still, it helps sometimes.